We are the ultimate in surface restoration. We can perform mobile paint stripping and rust removal services. We are located in Virginia Beach, VA and Santa Rosa County, FL for residential, commercial and industrial platforms type of work. We are ECO-friendly, no chemicals needed to remove paint, or rust on many types of surfaces. We are a woman own disable veteran-owned company in your community.

Our Services

Dustless Blasting service is perfect for restoring many types of surfaces instead of harsh chemicals. We offer a service that comes to you, or you can drop it off to us. We can safely remove paint, or rust from metal surfaces like a car that is getting restored without the hassle of grinding or chemical stripping taking countless ours out your day or paying long hourly labor to do. Our systems are 100% recycled glass media, our wet blasting is DUST FREE and can be used anywhere. Also we have our traditional dry blasting when needed.

Here a List of Services We offer:

Hampton Roads Dustless Media Blasting, LLC


Perfect for restoring all types of vehicles including classic cars, modern cars, coach buses, campers, RV’s, fleet service vehicles, heavy machinery, trucks, tractors, trailers and many others.

Hampton Roads Dustless Media Blasting, LLC


Cleans and restores any type of surfaces including stone, brick, concrete, granite, marble, and wood. Many types of applications around our home. Paint removal on brick, to cleaning wood siding or stripping the paint. Log homes can even be safely dry blasted to be repainted or sealed.

Hampton Roads Dustless Media Blasting, LLC


Removing old anti fouling bottom paint can be a daunting task with back breaking sanding and grinding, using dustless blasting process it cuts the time in half.

Hampton Roads Dustless Media Blasting, LLC


Many commercial buildings,, public garages, municipal properties or just small businesses can use our services, from cleaning side of the buildings to graffiti removal or even painted line removal for parking garages.

The great thing about our services is we are fully mobile, whether you are a business or just the average car restorer we come to you and perform the job at your location. No need to bring it to us, we come to you. Using water making it dustless is great for the do it yourself car restoration enthusiast. The guy that only has a weekend to prep his car for priming or painting. Why waste all day sanding and grinding when we can remove the paint or rust for you. Just sit back and relax, watch the magic happen.


Our team takes our blast rigs to your home, business, fleet service center, we the work needs to be done we come to you. We pull up and all of the equipment is located on our trailer, we can prep or you can prep. We then perform the job, once the job is done we clean up or you can clean up and save a little money.

Damage Limits

Our Dustless Blasting Virginia Beach system mixes water with media inside our blast pot. By adding certain types of media depending on the type of material we would be blasting, we can utilize micro-sized abrasives to remove paint or rust. By adding water to our process it can help reduce heat, this in some cases can aid in thinner types of metal from warping. Glass and chrome can still be damaged so it is very important to be removed or covered with thick blue tape with duct tape over the top, cardboard in window areas and taped in place to keep from damage, and 6 mil plastic on the ground to collect any media from the blast.


All of our equipment is combined onto a trailer and hauled by our company trucks. We have stripped cars in driveways, industrial lots, auto body shops, and even the heaviest body filler, leaving your car with a clean white metal finish.


Our cost is competitive with the industry standard. Our main focus is dustless blasting and also can be done as in dry blasting. We offer an eco-friendly way to remove those paints and rust on many surfaces and come to you or your job location. We are not the most expensive but our services are valued assistance to the industry we work in.